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Correctional Consulting Firm

Our correctional consulting entails over 21 years of state and federal corrections experience and has capability to meet all prison needs. Additionally, our staff has assisted in writing and updating policies and procedures pertaining to federal prisons and residential re-entry centers.  If you are seeking information about an Administrative Maximum (ADX), United States Penitentiary, High Security United States Penitentiary or Medium and Minimum Security Federal Corrections, Kader Correctional Consulting Firm is your source for information.  Please contact us when you are sentenced or you think you will be incarcerated in a federal or state prison. We will prepare you for the event and explain to you all the prison’s policies and regulations. We will answer all your questions regarding your incarceration and provide you with all the necessary information (inside information) so you spend productive time in prison and receive prison benefits you are eligible for, such as: employment, education, recreation and vocational training.  

Whether, you prepare your facility for ACA Certification, just you seeking information about life in Prison facility, or you need assistance regarding your family/friends incarceration, we will be there to guide, prepare you and provide you with all necessary information. Our correctional consulting firm will be able to provide you with advice on the following prison programs:

Correctional Intelligence


Pretrial inmate

Sentence computations


Prison Facility Correspondence 

Halfway house Placement


Female Offende

Inmate money

Release preparation

Inmate and custody management
Investigative Agency
We provide private detective services to businesses in Florida, including: law firms, insurance companies, major corporations, small businesses, and many private citizens.  
Correctional Consulting Firm
Our correctional consulting entails over 21 years of state and federal corrections experience and has capability to meet all prison needs.

​Prison Employment

Inmates Personal Property

Home confinement

Transfer procedures

Telephone, e-mail

Temporary Release

Work Programs

Medical care

Inmate Skills

Employing ex-offenders

Substance abuse treatment

Religions programs

Houses/Residential Re-entry Centers (RRC’s)

Our staff includes a retired Federal Bureau of Prison’s Headquarter employee was responsible for the operation of this program. Having overseen all of the Southeast Region’s Residential Re-entry Center programs, contract awards, and reviewed all Monitoring reports.  Additionally, he was a Chairperson of the source selection evaluation panel, evaluated all offeror's proposals for new and re-new contracts in the Southeast Region and pointed out issues requiring clarification and deficiencies in the contractors' technical proposal. The following are some of the services we are providing to RRC’s:

•Residential re-entry programs

•Evaluation of residential re-entry technical proposals and ensure their compliance with Statement of Work (SOW). 

•Inspect and prepare RRC’s for full monitoring

•Provide training to RRC staff

•RRC locations in each state and cities.

•ACA Certification